Finalists Highlight: Andrew Seal

University of British Columbia student, Andrew Seal, explores Indigenous cultures in his nominated work

Andrew Seal is a journalism student from the University of British Columbia and has been nominated in two categories for the Emerge Media Awards. The first is for his written word project ““The Sto:lo’s stolen children” and secondly for his collaboration on “Tém:éxw: Stories of Land”, which is nominated for design: online news site or magazine.

To see Andrew’s entry, click here.

  1. What inspired you to begin this project? Why are you passionate about it?


I’ve always been interested in Canada’s Indigenous communities and their vibrant cultures. I felt the Reporting in Indigenous Communities program at UBC was a unique opportunity for me to get to know Indigenous culture in a new way. Our topic, land, was a hard one, but also one at the centre of Indigenous life and efforts toward reconciliation.

2. How do you feel as a nominee for the Emerge Media Awards?

I’m thrilled to be nominated and able to attend the gala. I’m looking forward to meeting all the talented, emerging journalists whose work is being recognized.

3. How do you feel your school prepared you to create this work?

I really believe Reporting in Indigenous Communities was the most valuable learning experience I had during my first year. Beyond learning about the Indigenous peoples of the Lower Mainland and the role I can play in improving their relationship with the media, I learned a lot about being a journalist and the responsibilities that come with it.

  1. Why do you want to go into the media industry?

This is the only field you can take in any direction. As a journalist, you never stop learning. Follow your interests and you will find untold stories.


  1. What’s your ideal dream job?

I’d love to work internationally, telling stories that interest and impact Canadians. I think it’s important for our industry to work collaboratively with local reporters in every country we visit. We shouldn’t tell their stories for them, but rather with them.

By: Nicole Hewitt

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