Stories of the success from Emerge Magazine writer, Rob Jowett

After an excitement-filled day this past Thursday at the actual Emerge conference itself, I was able to catch up with Rob Jowett, one of the chief writers on the magazine, in the busy aftermath and get his thoughts on the day. The Emerge magazine is a major final part of what is produced during the process of creating everything that makes Emerge what it is. It is where the two specializations of creativity with writing and design come together to make an amazing magazine that can be relevant and enjoyed for years to come.

Stories referenced featured in the Emerge magazine…

A- “Experimenting with the future” page 27-29

B- “Caught in the crossfire” page 32-33

C- “On the road with InstaRyde” page 34-35

1. Give me a brief overview of your stories in the Emerge magazine.

A– “New, high-tech neighbourhood built by a Google subsidiary, that will either be a technological marvel or an unprecedented attempt to control your personal life.”

B- “Overview of the recent college strike, I wanted to know who the winners and losers were from the outcome. I spoke with many people and got the perspective of a student who had to drop out because of the strike.”

C– “The first is about an up and coming new ride share in Toronto, which is meant to be better than Uber for its customers and drivers because it pays people better.”

2. What drew you to these stories?

A– “I first started hearing about Google’s new project this past summer. This fall, it really began to pick up in the media. Since it has to do with the future of the city and is really timely and topical, I figured this was a great time for this story. I wanted to go in-depth with this topic and really give it the space in the magazine and attention is deserved.”

B- “The opposite of success is failure, so I wanted to explore what the outcomes from this majorly impactful event were and who benefitted. There were not a lot of success stories here.”

C– “The issue chosen this year is supposed to be about success so I wanted to find a Toronto start-up that was being successful. This one fit what we were looking for in a lot of different ways.”

3. How do you define success?

“Sort of the whole point of Emerge this year is that ‘success’ is a very hard thing to define, so I guess you need to read the magazine to find out.”

4. What was the highlight of Emerge for you?

“The highlight of Emerge for me was getting to do some more in-depth reporting and skillful writing. My favourite story was Experimenting with the Future since it was definitely what I was most interested in. I really enjoyed the process of putting that story together.”

5. What do you hope to do with what you’ve learned going forward in your life and career?

“I learned a lot about creating a magazine that I didn’t know before. I definitely know that I would love working for a magazine and want to do that at some point. Maybe I’ll even start my own.”

By: Tara Klein

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