What does Emerge have to offer you?

With just over a week until the event, the Emerge 2018 team is very excited to bring you a conference that will not only inspire you to take a deeper look at the media industry, but also give you an opportunity to connect with professionals in the field.

There will be five sessions that touch on all different aspects of the media, providing attendees with an overall picture of today’s media landscape.

The day will begin with: “The Power of People: Branding Yourself,” where the pair of entrepreneurs who founded Cotton Candy Event Staffing will share their story and highlight how to preserve through the struggles entrepreneurs face in an experiential marketing space. This session will be followed by “Fact or Fiction”, a panel of four well established media professionals that will be discussing media ethics and accurate reporting in a world that is increasingly influenced and full of alternative facts.

We will break for an hour lunch provided by San Remo and kick off the afternoon with “Diversify your Sportfolio: Reinventing Sports Media”, a session led by two people from Homestand Sports that will highlight the ways in which they have reinvented sports coverage for new media. Following their talk, David Bidini, award winning author, musician and writer, will take the stage to discuss his journey as the founder of the West End Phoenix publication and the struggles local and community newspapers face in an information filled society.

Attendees will then have the opportunity to discuss the afternoon talks and network with other professionals and speakers in an informal networking event. Lastly, the day will conclude with Angela Misri, digital director for The Walrus, will provide insight to professionals trying to thrive in a fast evolving digital media space.

We hope you are as excited about as Emerge 2018 as we are and we hope to see you there. Get your tickets now at : http://www.emergeconference.ca/tickets/


By: Laura Squires

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